Hood Vents - LB

Hood Vents - LB
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  • Item #: HV-LB
  • Manufacturer: Napier Precision Products

Hood Vents (1 Pair, Black Textured Finish)

    • Each vent provides over 11 square inches of ventilation. Twenty-two square inches total.
      • Front edge: 10.5" middle edge: 12.75" outside edge: 16.5" back edge: 11.5"
      • Overall length: 17.5" Overal width: 11.5"
    • If desired, these Hood Vents can be installed over LeBaron Hood vent holes. 
    • These hood vents help keep rain, ice, snow, and water out of the engine bay
    • Protects sensitive engine electronics like the Throttle Position Sensor from the elements.
    • Made from durable Black Textured ABS Plastic
    • Includes 18-8 Stainless Steel Hardware for mounting 
      • Eight #14 Stainless Screws with Washers (Four per vent)
    •  Can be mounted anywhere on the hood
    • Universal fit - Looks great on the Jeep Cherokee and other vehicles.
    • LeBaron Hood vents not required.


HV-LB Hood Vents Installed


HV-LB Hood Vents open space                   HVLB - Dimensions  

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